The Yardstick Story

Monreid Yardstick


Supreme Champion across the Tasman

EASTER 2005 - Sydney Royal for Monreid • OCTOBER 2005 - Easter Royal for GlenAnthony
EASTER 2006 - Auckland Royal Show for GlenAnthony • NOVEMBER 2006 - Christchurch Royal Show for GlenAnthony
The only bull of any breed to win three Royal Show Meat & Wool Cup Championships in one 13 month period.

In April 2004 while on tour with the Simmental Society in Australia we saw a quality cow and calf at Rory and Patricia Murphy's Simmental Stud at Nundle just south of Tamworth N.S.W.

Haylands Rupert

In November 2006 Glenanthony ventured south with their well-renowned show team headed by the newly imported Monreid Yardstick. The team performed extremely well, winning three out of the four breed championships and five out of the six major interbreed competitions including Yardstick's win in the Meat and Wool Cup.


2010: An outstanding year


Tuesday 18th May - What a day!  Two bulls (both by Yardstick) stood out from the crowd: Glen Anthony Waterford - Champion Simmental, Glen Anthony Warwick Reserve Champion Simmental. Both showing Yardstick’s outstanding attributes of thickness, softness and capacity.

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